Cake Donuts:
Honey Wheat Glazed
Sour Cream Glazed
Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing
Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Icing
Red Velvet Crumble
Blueberry Glazed
Chocolate Glazed
Triple Chocolate

Yeast Donuts:
Route 8 Special – strawberry icing with rainbow sprinkles
Chocolate Iced
Chocolate Iced with Peanuts
Chocolate Iced with Rainbow Sprinkles
Maple Iced
Maple Iced with Peanuts
Vanilla Iced
Vanilla Iced with Rainbow Sprinkles
Toasted Coconut
Cinnamon Sugar

Specialty Donuts:
Red Chocolate with Dried Diced Apricot
Cinnamon Toast Cruncher
Fruity Peb

Filled Donuts:
Peanut Butter Iced Donut filled with Black Raspberry Jelly & topped with peanuts & a chocolate drizzle
Apricot Filled Donut coated in Powdered Sugar
Blueberry Filled Donut dusted with Powdered Sugar
Lemon Star Delights Glazed & dusted with Powdered Sugar & drizzled with Vanilla Icing
Strawberry Filled Donut topped with a Strawberry Icing
Mr. Presley Chocolate Banana Bavarian Filled Donut topped with a Chocolate Icing & peanuts (some without peanuts)
Bavarian Cream Filled Donut topped with a Chocolate Icing

Peach Pie Honeymooner
Apple Pie Honeymooner

Donut Holes
Glazed Yeast Donut Holes
Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes

Route 8 Giants:
Apple Fritters
Cinnamon Rolls
Glazed Twist
Cinnamon Twist
Cinnamon Sugar Twist

June 2017 Donut of the Month:

*Please note, menu options will vary based on demand and product availability.

Cake & Yeast Donuts $0.90
Specialty Donuts $1.29
Filled Donuts $1.09
Honeymooners $1.39

Regular Donuts ½ Dozen $5.19
Regular Donuts Dozen $9.99
$0.20 extra for each Specialty Donut

Filled Donuts ½ Dozen $5.99
Filled Donuts Dozen $10.99

Donut Holes – Dozen $1.99
Donut Holes – 25 for $4.29
Please call in advance for 25+

Route 8 “Giants” Cinnamon Rolls & Apple Fritters $1.99
½ Dozen Giants $10.99
Dozen Giants $19.99

**Please call (540) 315-DNUT (3688) two days prior to place special orders.